Aquabout unites passionate aquarium enthusiasts, bound by a profound love for aquatic life and fishkeeping artistry. Focused on U.S. freshwater aquariums, we offer valuable insights through succinct product reviews, practical advice, captivating aquatic science videos, stylish merchandise, and regular blog updates. Come join us in discovering and elevating the realm of freshwater aquariums!


Make your aquarium dreams real, whether you're new or experienced—we're here to help you build a stunning, thriving tank.


No partiality, only authenticity. Aquabout: Unyielding reviews, conscientious practices for a flourishing underwater environment.



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I recently used Aquabout's services for a seafood tour, and I must say it was an outstanding experience. The user-friendly website made booking effortless, providing comprehensive details about the tours. The tour itself was both enjoyable and informative, with professional guides who were not only knowledgeable but also friendly. Aquabout's commitment to quality service and a seamless customer experience is commendable. I highly recommend Aquabout to anyone seeking a delightful and well-organized aquatic adventure.


Aquabout went beyond my expectations with excellent service during my recent seafood tour. The website's user-friendly navigation and detailed tour info simplified booking. The captivating tour seamlessly blended fun and education. Expert yet approachable guides enhanced the overall experience. Aquabout's commitment to customer satisfaction and well-organized tours make them a top choice for exploring the underwater world. Excited for future adventures with Aquabout!

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